Ludlow Paranormal Researchers is a paranormal investigation organization located in Western Massachusetts. We operate primarily in Western Mass, however, we will travel further if requested. We are willing to investigate most of New England and Eastern upstate New York.

Ludlow Paranormal Researchers is currently looking for 2-3 more members to complete its team. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please e-mail us at

Our Team

Shawn Thomas Founder/Lead Investigator Began investigating December 2003.

Pete Cormier Investigator Began investigating August 2011

Pam Cormier Investigator Began investigating August 2011

Danielle Cormier Investigator Began Investigating August 2011

Tarrah Girard Investigator in Training 

Amber Thomas Social Media/Internet Liaison Member since April 2012 

Contact Us

If you or someone you know has a home, business or location, and you would like the L.P.R. to investigate... Or if you are interested in becoming a member of L.P.R. please e-mail us at

Mission Statement 

The goal of the L.P.R. Is to research and investigate claims of paranormal reports. We also seek to provide answers and comfort to the friends and families of any home or business owner. We operate on the assumption that no location is haunted until proven otherwise. We do this by attempting to locate a logical explanation for all claims of activity. Our further goal is to provide professional, courteous service to any home or business owner who may need our help.